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Live Births to Teen Mothers

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Live Births to Teen Mothers

What does this measure?

The number of live births among females ages 15 to 19, expressed as a percentage of females in that age group.

Why is this important?

Not only can teenage pregnancy derail a young woman's life, it also has far-reaching effects on children. The children of teen mothers are at risk of a variety of developmental and health problems and are more likely to have lower school achievement or drop out of school. Daughters of teenage mothers are more likely to give birth as teenagers themselves and sons are more likely to be incarcerated.

How is the region performing?

In 2019, there were 11 live births per 1,000 teen females in the region, tied with the state rate (excluding New York City) of 11. Since 2000, the regional rate decreased 59% from 26 per 1,000, in line with the state trend. As of 2019, Sullivan County had the highest rate in the region (21), followed by Columbia (16). Rates were substantially lower in Putnam (2), followed by Dutchess (7).

Notes about the data

Rates do not represent a unique count of births--a female may have more than one live birth within a given year. Multiple births, such as twins or triplets, are counted as one live birth.

Live Births to Teen Mothers
Columbia County343019332324212425262522192216814111016
Dutchess County221918161513151413131412119897767
Greene County28222921212721311630241522181411771114
Orange County2930252524242225252321211816151614151112
Putnam County58876647745654423322
Sullivan County4437333931353436283226252727201718171421
Ulster County24262420191621212018171414101112710911
NYS (excluding NYC)2826242321212222222120181816141313121111

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State Department of Health
Notes: Rate per 1,000 females 15 to 19 years old.

Number of Live Births to Teen Mothers
Columbia County6356386547524450525246383235261221161422
Dutchess County214197187175169149173167153153166138123979410173756478
Greene County38324332334132482443332029231713881214
Orange County344362305319309323299356352313295294254216200210190201144168
Putnam County132423212020142224141619171413710975
Sullivan County1089385101809392100758666626361453639363044
Ulster County138155148125122103144139133123112908661636839565161
NYS (excluding NYC)10,1899,8019,3268,9298,5358,6498,9089,1918,9978,6527,9757,3336,9346,1515,4774,9834,6664,3734,0273,995

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State Department of Health