Percentage of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2017

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Percentage of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2017

What does this measure?

The self-reported post-graduation plans of high school seniors reported in a state survey.

Why is this important?

Higher education is associated with greater earnings and standard of living. Post-graduate plans are also an indirect measure of the educational strength of the region's schools.

How is the region performing?

In 2017, 83% of high school seniors in the region planned to attend college, with 36% planning to attend a 2-year program and 47% planning to attend a 4-year program. The regional college-bound rate in 2017 was slightly higher than the state (excluding NYC) rate of 82% and higher from 2001. Rates were similar across most of the regional counties except for Putnam where 90% of graduates planned to attend college. Other plans in the region included working after graduation (9% of graduating seniors) and joining the military (3%), similar to state rates.

Over 90% of seniors in the following districts planned to attend college upon graduation: Arlington, Eldred, Mahopac, Pawling, Putnam Valley, Rhinebeck, Spackenkill, and Windham Ashland-Jewett. The lowest college-bound rates were in New Lebanon and Hunter-Tannersville both at 68% and Port Jervis and Hudson City at 69%.

Notes about the data

The plans of a high school senior may not come to fruition because of several reasons, including finances, lack of admission opportunities, or a change of plans between the survey and graduation.

Percentage of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2017
2 Year College4 Year CollegeEmploymentMilitaryOtherPost Secondary
Columbia County42%32%13%4%8%1%
Dutchess County38%47%6%2%5%1%
Greene County40%38%12%3%6%1%
Orange County35%47%9%4%3%1%
Putnam County21%69%4%2%3%1%
Sullivan County45%32%15%5%2%3%
Ulster County41%40%9%2%8%1%
NYS (excluding NYC)31%51%9%2%5%1%
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central38%34%15%0%11%3%
Germantown Central32%48%6%6%6%0%
Hudson City42%27%14%7%10%0%
Kinderhook Central46%36%13%2%1%2%
New Lebanon Central43%25%7%4%21%0%
Taconic Hills Central41%30%17%3%8%1%
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central43%49%4%1%2%0%
Beacon City38%46%9%3%4%1%
Dover Union Free44%37%10%3%2%3%
Hyde Park Central46%32%7%3%10%1%
Millbrook Central40%47%8%2%1%2%
Northeast Central39%31%19%4%2%6%
Pawling Central23%70%2%4%0%0%
Pine Plains Central47%35%7%4%4%3%
Poughkeepsie City39%31%1%4%25%1%
Red Hook Central29%55%8%1%7%1%
Rhinebeck Central28%67%4%0%1%0%
Spackenkill Union Free27%68%5%1%0%0%
Wappingers Central37%48%7%2%4%1%
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central43%32%16%3%5%1%
Catskill Central40%30%13%4%11%2%
Coxsackie-Athens Central47%42%8%1%3%0%
Greenville Central38%37%12%3%7%3%
Hunter-Tannersville Central18%50%25%0%7%0%
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central32%64%0%0%5%0%
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free38%50%8%1%3%0%
Cornwall Central20%63%7%3%6%1%
Florida Union Free23%49%12%8%3%5%
Goshen Central31%55%4%2%6%2%
Highland Falls Central24%58%9%4%5%1%
Kiryas Joel Village Union Free0%0%0%0%100%0%
Middletown City47%28%17%5%2%2%
Minisink Valley Central33%49%10%5%3%1%
Monroe-Woodbury Central28%61%3%2%5%1%
Newburgh City43%35%15%4%3%0%
Pine Bush Central44%40%7%4%3%3%
Port Jervis City38%31%15%10%2%4%
Tuxedo Union Free22%67%6%6%0%0%
Valley Central33%47%10%4%4%2%
Warwick Valley Central30%60%5%2%3%1%
Washingtonville Central30%58%8%4%1%0%
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central19%71%6%3%1%0%
Carmel Central19%71%2%3%4%1%
Haldane Central10%75%6%1%7%0%
Mahopac Central27%63%5%1%3%1%
Putnam Valley Central21%71%4%1%3%0%
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central30%63%3%3%3%0%
Fallsburg Central54%31%12%0%1%1%
Liberty Central46%30%18%2%2%1%
Livingston Manor Central50%28%19%3%0%0%
Monticello Central48%24%16%6%3%4%
Sullivan West Central23%51%14%5%0%6%
Tri-Valley Central47%23%16%10%0%4%
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central49%31%4%4%12%1%
Highland Central33%45%12%2%6%2%
Kingston City47%31%9%2%8%3%
Marlboro Central38%46%6%3%7%0%
New Paltz Central32%57%3%1%7%1%
Onteora Central38%44%10%1%7%0%
Rondout Valley Central42%37%17%1%1%1%
Saugerties Central42%34%9%1%14%0%
Wallkill Central36%42%14%4%4%0%

Source: New York State Education Department

Number of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2017
2 Year College4 Year CollegeEmploymentMilitaryOtherPost Secondary
Columbia County2111646818406
Dutchess County1,2101,4761926616831
Greene County1711615311276
Orange County1,5822,15442317315555
Putnam County25983452233610
Sullivan County28119992291018
Ulster County6696511543212418
NYS (excluding NYC)37,02261,05410,9792,6275,6111,681
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central302712092
Germantown Central10152220
Hudson City5535189130
Kinderhook Central655118323
New Lebanon Central1272160
Taconic Hills Central392916381
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central3213683210180
Beacon City728817571
Dover Union Free40339323
Hyde Park Central12990197294
Millbrook Central36427212
Northeast Central211710213
Pawling Central21642400
Pine Plains Central34255332
Poughkeepsie City896928562
Red Hook Central4483121111
Rhinebeck Central27654010
Spackenkill Union Free32816100
Wappingers Central34445167203913
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central403015351
Catskill Central3828124102
Coxsackie-Athens Central47428130
Greenville Central343311363
Hunter-Tannersville Central5147020
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central7140010
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free34457130
Cornwall Central54169199162
Florida Union Free15328523
Goshen Central7012295134
Highland Falls Central276410451
Kiryas Joel Village Union Free000050
Middletown City228136822588
Minisink Valley Central1081623416102
Monroe-Woodbury Central1713711714284
Newburgh City2742259726191
Pine Bush Central18316631161112
Port Jervis City7056271847
Tuxedo Union Free4121100
Valley Central1241783714166
Warwick Valley Central111222186114
Washingtonville Central101194261330
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central4918515931
Carmel Central6524389125
Haldane Central7504150
Mahopac Central106248193114
Putnam Valley Central321086150
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central12251110
Fallsburg Central452610011
Liberty Central432817221
Livingston Manor Central18107100
Monticello Central9648321257
Sullivan West Central183911405
Tri-Valley Central361812803
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central593755141
Highland Central405514273
Kingston City1841203763310
Marlboro Central536494100
New Paltz Central6110851141
Onteora Central394510170
Rondout Valley Central635525222
Saugerties Central8467172280
Wallkill Central8610032991

Source: New York State Education Department

Percentage of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2001
2 Year College4 Year CollegeEmploymentMilitaryOtherPost Secondary
Columbia County38%43%13%4%2%1%
Dutchess County38%47%9%3%2%1%
Greene County43%39%11%5%2%0%
Orange County34%44%11%3%7%1%
Putnam County25%61%9%3%0%3%
Sullivan County42%37%11%4%5%1%
Ulster County35%44%10%4%7%0%
NYS (excluding NYC)31%52%10%3%3%2%
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central27%51%8%5%5%4%
Hudson City54%29%15%2%0%0%
Kinderhook Central33%55%10%2%0%0%
New Lebanon Central35%40%21%2%0%2%
Taconic Hills Central39%35%13%9%2%1%
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central37%51%9%2%0%1%
Beacon City35%41%20%2%0%1%
Dover Union Free38%42%15%1%0%3%
Hyde Park Central40%42%7%5%5%1%
Millbrook Central31%50%17%0%2%0%
Northeast Central36%51%11%0%2%0%
Pawling Central30%53%16%1%0%0%
Pine Plains Central48%37%3%9%2%0%
Poughkeepsie City49%33%11%3%0%3%
Red Hook Central35%47%11%4%3%0%
Rhinebeck Central32%58%6%2%2%0%
Spackenkill Union Free29%50%1%4%15%0%
Wappingers Central39%49%6%3%2%2%
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central45%42%5%7%0%0%
Catskill Central52%35%4%2%7%0%
Coxsackie-Athens Central44%37%15%3%0%0%
Greenville Central38%30%21%11%0%0%
Hunter-Tannersville Central26%53%18%0%0%3%
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central44%56%0%0%0%0%
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free33%47%18%2%0%0%
Cornwall Central22%63%4%2%8%2%
Florida Union Free32%48%20%0%0%0%
Goshen Central34%49%13%2%0%2%
Highland Falls Central22%60%6%3%5%3%
Middletown City49%33%8%5%3%2%
Minisink Valley Central42%44%11%1%0%2%
Monroe-Woodbury Central27%53%10%2%6%2%
Newburgh City27%36%12%4%21%1%
Pine Bush Central38%37%12%5%7%2%
Port Jervis City45%31%14%9%1%0%
Tuxedo Union Free23%51%21%0%3%3%
Valley Central30%45%13%1%11%0%
Warwick Valley Central28%55%10%2%2%2%
Washingtonville Central49%39%9%2%0%0%
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central20%64%13%2%0%0%
Carmel Central28%56%9%4%0%3%
Haldane Central26%64%5%0%0%5%
Mahopac Central24%62%7%2%1%3%
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central26%39%14%5%9%7%
Fallsburg Central60%23%8%0%9%0%
Liberty Central45%41%12%2%0%0%
Livingston Manor Central51%26%11%9%3%0%
Monticello Central40%39%15%3%2%1%
Sullivan West Central38%38%4%8%13%0%
Tri-Valley Central37%45%12%4%0%2%
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central33%55%8%4%0%0%
Highland Central47%39%5%5%4%0%
Kingston City36%39%13%3%10%0%
Marlboro Central28%69%1%2%0%0%
New Paltz Central34%49%5%6%3%3%
Onteora Central26%46%13%3%10%1%
Rondout Valley Central38%38%23%2%0%0%
Saugerties Central42%37%7%6%7%0%
Wallkill Central31%43%5%3%17%0%

Source: New York State Education Department

Number of High School Graduates by Post-Graduation Plan, 2001
2 Year College4 Year CollegeEmploymentMilitaryOtherPost Secondary
Columbia County171190561776
Dutchess County9431,176216795427
Greene County183164472071
Orange County1,1741,53738310224145
Putnam County2235508124424
Sullivan County2432146325287
Ulster County542679154561086
NYS (excluding NYC)31,40853,0939,7503,0553,1121,634
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central21396443
Hudson City563016200
Kinderhook Central457514300
New Lebanon Central15179101
Taconic Hills Central322911721
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central196268451303
Beacon City586733402
Dover Union Free303312102
Hyde Park Central981011612133
Millbrook Central16269010
Northeast Central16235010
Pawling Central244213100
Pine Plains Central46353920
Poughkeepsie City755017505
Red Hook Central516916640
Rhinebeck Central32596220
Spackenkill Union Free396726200
Wappingers Central26233639201112
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central33314500
Catskill Central54364270
Coxsackie-Athens Central383213300
Greenville Central3427191000
Hunter-Tannersville Central10207001
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central14180000
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free16239100
Cornwall Central4111873154
Florida Union Free14219000
Goshen Central517419303
Highland Falls Central26707463
Middletown City11678201174
Minisink Valley Central10911530206
Monroe-Woodbury Central110216399238
Newburgh City15420872211224
Pine Bush Central1251243915236
Port Jervis City8256251620
Tuxedo Union Free183916022
Valley Central94141404351
Warwick Valley Central6913525654
Washingtonville Central14911926710
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central4614330501
Carmel Central82165261109
Haldane Central16393003
Mahopac Central79203228411
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central15228354
Fallsburg Central32124050
Liberty Central423811200
Livingston Manor Central1894310
Monticello Central656224532
Sullivan West Central424259140
Tri-Valley Central19236201
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central30517400
Highland Central49415540
Kingston City1471605311390
Marlboro Central28701200
New Paltz Central53768944
Onteora Central4172215152
Rondout Valley Central606136300
Saugerties Central76661311130
Wallkill Central5882106330

Source: New York State Education Department