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Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect

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Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect

What does this measure?

The number of children in indicated Child Protective Service reports, expressed as a rate per 1,000 children under age 18. Indicated reports are those in which there is credible evidence that a child has experienced abuse, neglect or maltreatment from a parent or legal guardian. This includes sexual abuse committed or allowed by a parent or guardian.

Why is this important?

Children who have been abused or neglected may experience long-term psychological and emotional/behavioral consequences. Victims of abuse are also at higher risk of abusing their own children when they become parents.

How is the region performing?

In 2020, there were 11 abused children for every 1,000 in the Mid-Hudson Valley region, lower than the state (excluding New York City) rate of 16. Since 2000, the region's rate of child abuse has decreased by 15%, while the state increased 18%. Child abuse rates were consistently lower in Orange and Putnam counties (8 and 6 per 1,000 in 2020) while rates were highest in Greene (27 per 1,000), Columbia (21 per 1,000) and Sullivan (18 per 1,000).

Notes about the data

Reports of abuse or neglect may be influenced by many factors such as outreach, education and media publicity. Additionally, it is unknown how many cases of abuse or neglect are never reported to authorities. Each child is counted only once in these data.

Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect
Columbia County273230272018242124242315141526212119192321
Dutchess County161616131814171618232118161416151517151612
Greene County141014161013171513262723222325292322212727
Orange County1011121212101111131212910109989898
Putnam County577810108888987768877106
Sullivan County201820192026242926272525262628232323242518
Ulster County121212121615161918192120171217141517171813
NYS (excluding NYC)141415141515161617171716151416161617171816

Source: New York State Kids' Well-being Indicator Clearinghouse
Notes: Rate is per 1,000 children under 18.

Number of Indicated Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect
Columbia County413486452394290262343299375379351237214237324264260235234247211
Dutchess County1,1061,1641,1229311,2739851,1781,1201,1441,4031,3231,1251,0709231,0259629401,054929893651
Greene County155110150177110135175156136273279246245259228267216203203218207
Orange County1,0281,1221,1811,2161,2481,0511,1461,0901,042987982815872890866862856943798865786
Putnam County124168181202259256205197180165186166163161130192181161148198107
Sullivan County369329351336349442419485435468423447467477483393406398425391291
Ulster County497479491497629609627729696728831805692514587478521592605580398
NYS (excluding NYC)37,36439,34540,09639,26041,21540,73541,91342,28644,01144,98344,14640,89739,69538,98541,01340,37440,78842,41142,39442,00637,141

Source: New York State Kids' Well-being Indicator Clearinghouse