Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2022

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Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2022

What does this measure?

The percent of students tested who scored at level 3 or above--meeting or exceeding the state standard--on the state Grade 4 English exam, broken down by students' race or ethnicity. The test is scored by placing a student's performance in one of four levels.

Why is this important?

Early reading skills are critical to a successful school experience and a productive work life.

How is the region performing?

Passing rates varied among racial and ethnic groups, ranging from 50% among Asian students and 42% for white students in the region to 22% for African American and 25% for Latino students. Rates in the region were generally lower for each group than at the state (excluding NYC) level.

In the region, 18% of students in 3rd through 8th graders opted not to take the English exam. Rates varied across counties, from 6% in Sullivan and 9% in Columbia and Orange to 17% in Dutchess, 19% in Orange, 21% in Ulster and 27% in Putnam.

Why do these disparities exist?

There are a variety of factors believed to contribute to disparities in test scores and other measures of student achievement. School systems in the United States are highly segregated, and students of color disproportionately attend schools with high proportions of low-income students who may not have benefited from early learning opportunities at the same rate as other students. Schools also have different levels of resources ranging from qualified/experienced teachers to advanced courses to facilities and technology, and schools with large Black and Latino populations often have lower levels. In addition, teachers across all school systems tend to be disproportionately white, and teaching practices and curriculum may not be culturally relevant to students of color.

Notes about the data

Test results for small racial groups were not disclosed to protect student privacy. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the third quarter.

Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2022
AsianBlack or African AmericanHispanicWhite
Columbia County29%30%43%
Dutchess County17%27%45%
Greene County26%34%
Orange County52%26%26%45%
Putnam County42%60%29%51%
Sullivan County15%12%27%
Ulster County12%20%38%
NYS (excluding NYC)61%22%27%45%
Columbia School Districts
Germantown Central36%
Hudson City27%27%11%24%
Kinderhook Central46%58%
New Lebanon Central79%
Taconic Hills Central31%36%
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central50%33%30%37%
Beacon City24%26%42%
Dover Union Free4%27%
Hyde Park Central9%39%34%
Millbrook Central77%
Northeast Central0%
Pawling Central46%
Pine Plains Central33%18%
Poughkeepsie City12%22%
Red Hook Central56%
Rhinebeck Central13%60%
Spackenkill Union Free62%33%42%61%
Wappingers Central44%21%30%52%
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central44%34%
Catskill Central20%30%
Coxsackie-Athens Central14%28%
Greenville Central29%
Hunter-Tannersville Central68%
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free14%20%50%
Cornwall Central89%40%40%59%
Florida Union Free36%72%
Goshen Central25%31%54%
Highland Falls Central29%55%
Middletown City72%38%28%30%
Minisink Valley Central24%31%
Monroe-Woodbury Central34%30%18%40%
Newburgh City16%25%49%
Pine Bush Central21%37%38%
Port Jervis City42%14%35%
Valley Central71%11%29%36%
Warwick Valley Central50%29%33%68%
Washingtonville Central17%25%23%36%
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central13%37%
Carmel Central57%32%52%
Garrison Union Free38%50%
Haldane Central53%
Mahopac Central14%33%45%
Putnam Valley Central56%75%
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central17%
Fallsburg Central0%2%18%
Liberty Central10%15%42%
Livingston Manor Central13%34%
Monticello Central50%19%14%18%
Sullivan West Central56%32%
Tri-Valley Central9%29%
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central11%21%44%
Highland Central29%27%31%
Kingston City15%0%14%34%
Marlboro Central17%39%
New Paltz Central18%52%
Onteora Central40%47%
Rondout Valley Central0%27%
Saugerties Central15%40%
Wallkill Central22%41%42%

Source: New York State Education Department
Notes: Data shows students passing at level 3 or higher. Data is not reported for groups of less than 6 students.

Number of Students Passing Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2022
AsianBlack or African AmericanHispanicWhite
Columbia County420120
Dutchess County53151577
Greene County894
Orange County63115355629
Putnam County81281175
Sullivan County92697
Ulster County1054280
NYS (excluding NYC)3,9632,3515,21523,907
Columbia School Districts
Germantown Central9
Hudson City33211
Kinderhook Central1353
New Lebanon Central15
Taconic Hills Central418
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central101339111
Beacon City51022
Dover Union Free113
Hyde Park Central31636
Millbrook Central17
Northeast Central0
Pawling Central17
Pine Plains Central29
Poughkeepsie City1724
Red Hook Central28
Rhinebeck Central132
Spackenkill Union Free82839
Wappingers Central81141249
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central421
Catskill Central216
Coxsackie-Athens Central116
Greenville Central21
Hunter-Tannersville Central13
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free1410
Cornwall Central841858
Florida Union Free418
Goshen Central21456
Highland Falls Central412
Middletown City13397913
Minisink Valley Central1148
Monroe-Woodbury Central12183352
Newburgh City2311349
Pine Bush Central51767
Port Jervis City5435
Valley Central521946
Warwick Valley Central3417109
Washingtonville Central141747
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central1325
Carmel Central42651
Garrison Union Free35
Haldane Central16
Mahopac Central11939
Putnam Valley Central1839
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central5
Fallsburg Central015
Liberty Central1822
Livingston Manor Central110
Monticello Central361015
Sullivan West Central524
Tri-Valley Central113
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central1722
Highland Central2421
Kingston City201570
Marlboro Central626
New Paltz Central233
Onteora Central422
Rondout Valley Central022
Saugerties Central239
Wallkill Central21425

Source: New York State Education Department
Notes: Data shows students passing at level 3 or higher. Data is not reported for groups of less than 6 students.

Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2013
AsianBlack or African AmericanHispanicWhite
Columbia County29%9%24%24%
Dutchess County57%13%17%33%
Greene County29%4%4%19%
Orange County47%16%19%36%
Putnam County62%31%25%43%
Sullivan County44%11%8%22%
Ulster County46%10%12%32%
NYS (excluding NYC)52%15%18%37%
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central27%
Germantown Central28%
Hudson City29%8%40%16%
Kinderhook Central35%
Taconic Hills Central17%15%
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central61%28%24%33%
Beacon City12%18%30%
Dover Union Free16%16%
Hyde Park Central13%7%5%20%
Millbrook Central38%
Northeast Central20%
Pawling Central45%
Pine Plains Central23%
Poughkeepsie City8%13%16%
Red Hook Central18%46%
Rhinebeck Central34%
Spackenkill Union Free50%13%29%35%
Wappingers Central20%20%37%
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central0%19%
Catskill Central6%13%
Coxsackie-Athens Central24%
Hunter-Tannersville Central32%
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free0%27%43%
Cornwall Central38%41%46%
Florida Union Free13%40%
Goshen Central40%19%40%
Greenwood Lake Union Free34%
Highland Falls Central24%31%
Middletown City38%18%14%19%
Minisink Valley Central14%24%
Monroe-Woodbury Central51%26%39%
Newburgh City64%15%16%31%
Pine Bush Central43%32%35%34%
Port Jervis City0%17%20%
Valley Central50%14%21%49%
Warwick Valley Central17%27%52%
Washingtonville Central0%13%24%
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central55%32%40%
Carmel Central24%50%
Haldane Central43%
Mahopac Central75%17%24%39%
Putnam Valley Central17%35%
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central31%
Fallsburg Central8%23%
Liberty Central11%26%
Livingston Manor Central39%
Monticello Central9%4%13%
Sullivan West Central32%
Tri-Valley Central10%
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central5%26%
Highland Central32%40%
Kingston City6%4%26%
Marlboro Central18%13%37%
New Paltz Central67%14%46%49%
Onteora Central42%46%
Rondout Valley Central13%24%
Saugerties Central10%23%
Wallkill Central9%6%27%

Source: New York State Education Department
Notes: Data shows students passing at level 3 or higher. Data is not reported for groups of less than 6 students.

Number of Students Passing Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity, 2013
AsianBlack or African AmericanHispanicWhite
Columbia County64894
Dutchess County765082711
Greene County21171
Orange County65102225930
Putnam County23552365
Sullivan County4812100
Ulster County161631393
NYS (excluding NYC)2,9222,0223,09630,298
Columbia School Districts
Chatham Central21
Germantown Central13
Hudson City5349
Kinderhook Central30
Taconic Hills Central114
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central201119173
Beacon City51234
Dover Union Free312
Hyde Park Central12239
Millbrook Central29
Northeast Central8
Pawling Central37
Pine Plains Central14
Poughkeepsie City17136
Red Hook Central266
Rhinebeck Central26
Spackenkill Union Free91223
Wappingers Central1124244
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central014
Catskill Central111
Coxsackie-Athens Central24
Hunter-Tannersville Central8
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free0616
Cornwall Central61695
Florida Union Free214
Goshen Central4558
Greenwood Lake Union Free17
Highland Falls Central48
Middletown City5263822
Minisink Valley Central662
Monroe-Woodbury Central2226141
Newburgh City14386262
Pine Bush Central3112799
Port Jervis City0528
Valley Central3512117
Warwick Valley Central26123
Washingtonville Central0658
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central61967
Carmel Central16121
Haldane Central20
Mahopac Central9113110
Putnam Valley Central433
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central12
Fallsburg Central312
Liberty Central415
Livingston Manor Central14
Monticello Central4217
Sullivan West Central17
Tri-Valley Central8
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central216
Highland Central640
Kingston City5378
Marlboro Central2335
New Paltz Central42673
Onteora Central541
Rondout Valley Central233
Saugerties Central237
Wallkill Central2240

Source: New York State Education Department
Notes: Data shows students passing at level 3 or higher. Data is not reported for groups of less than 6 students.